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OUR Programs

We are dedicated to helping refugees and asylum seekers relocate to Canada. Through our advocacy efforts, we have helped many families and individuals from Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and other countries find a new home in Canada. Our ministries are designed to provide support and assistance to these individuals as they adjust to life in a new country. We offer a range of programs, including:

Support Group
Refugee Resettlement

Our refugee resettlement program is designed to help refugees and asylum seekers navigate the complex process of relocating to Canada. We provide assistance with applications, legal services, and other support to ensure a smooth transition.

Students Walking Up Stairs
English Language Learning

Our English language learning program is designed to help refugees and asylum seekers improve their language skills and integrate into Canadian society. We offer classes and one-on-one tutoring to help individuals achieve success.

Counseling Services

Our counseling services program is designed to provide emotional and mental health support to refugees and asylum seekers who have experienced trauma. We offer individual and group counseling sessions to help individuals heal and move forward.

Aerial View of Suburban Street
Youth Programs

Our youth programs are designed to provide support and guidance to young refugees and asylum seekers. We offer mentoring, tutoring, and other services to help young people achieve their goals and build a bright future.

Community Outreach

Our community outreach program is designed to help refugees and asylum seekers connect with their new communities. We organize events and activities to bring people together and build relationships.

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